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Symptoms of citrus greening disease
Sugarcane farms in Crains, Australia

The Trivedi Lab explores multitrophic interactions among and between microbiome and the plant environment that influence the health and productivity of managed and natural systems. Areas of research interest are broad and include (1) microbial ecology; (2) “omics” technologies; (3) plant-microbe-insect interactions; (4) predictive computational modeling; and (5) microbiome engineering.


Research projects in Trivedi Lab address the assembly, fitness and roles of plant, insect, and soil-associated microbiomes; how these are influenced by various biotic and abiotic factors; and what are their consequences on plant productivity, agro- ecosystems sustainability, and local and global level ecological processes. By providing systems-level understanding of plant microbiomes the research will develop new computational tools and host/microbiome models that enable plant breeders and plant ecologists to predict beneficial interactions to achieve improved yields and plant resilience in changing environments.

Pankaj Trivedi is an assistant professor in the Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management (BSPM) and a member of CSU Microbiome Cluster hires in the College of Agriculture at the Colorado State University.